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You don't need to be an expert to enjoy Italian wine but it helps to have some insider tips. In this section we take you through some of the key terms and wine regions you'll find in Italy.


Each month we add a new wine to the collection and share tasting notes, food pairings and popular brands.


We'll tell you which wineries and cantinas to visit when you're in Italy and give you some suggestions of wine you can try at home. Salute!

Italian wine tutorials and information

Your insider

Giovanni Dagostino


Giovanni Dagostino is an Italian food and wine expert and the Co-Founder of The Italian On Tour, a boutique small group tour operator, that helps you experience Italy’s hidden regions like a local. Featured in Forbes, Wine Searcher and the Amateur Traveller, he brings with him over 15 years of experience in Italian food, wine and travel, making him the perfect guide to translate the Italian experience.


When Giovanni is not on tour, his passion for food and wine brings him on the hunt to discover the latest family-run trattorias, up and coming wineries, and unique cultural delights of Italy often on his road bike.



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