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When we can't be there...

Do you dream about visiting Italy? If you’ve never been or are planning your second, third or twentieth trip, Italy somehow holds a special place in your heart. And there’s some kind of yearning that you feel when you can’t be there.

When we can’t visit Italy as often as we’d like (or in 2020, when we would like), it's frustrating. It can seem like our dreams are on hold and that’s no fun at all.

As we wait to go to beautiful Italy, why not join us to plan your future trips and learn all about Italian food, wine and culture. It's like relaxing in the piazza with your favorite friends, talking, laughing and learning about Italy.


Introducing Untold Italy Insiders

At Untold Italy and our public Italy Travel Planning community we are proud to serve tens of thousands of Italy loving travelers wanting to know how to plan their trip to Italy.


But, like any large online community, perhaps you're not getting exactly the information or experience you crave from experienced travelers or people well connected to the best parts of Italian culture and cuisine. Sometimes the questions can be a little basic and repetitive and focused on destinations and experiences you've already been to and enjoyed.


That's why we built our private community - Untold Italy Insiders. This is a community where  devoted Italy travelers and Italophiles like you access experts on the ground to discuss their trips and love of all things Italian. Here you'll connect to Italian culture, food and wine, learn about planning your travels and discover truly unique details that make future trips special.


And, while you wait for the pandemic to run its course and your plane to take you on your Italian adventures, you'll enjoy the food, wine, history and stories that make this country one that you dream of returning to again and again. Think of it as your online cafe in the piazza!


We're thrilled to establish a kind and friendly private community passionate about all things Italian. Each week we talk about unique and fun things to do in Italy, the best food and wine experiences, Italian history and culture and of course.. where to find the best gelato wherever you go!


Our community is for connoisseurs and lovers of all things Italian. We look for the beauty and unique in the 20 regions of Italy and beyond the obvious in the most popular destinations. Many of the experts in our group have been guests on our Untold Italy podcast so you'll be familiar with their friendly voices already. We'd love you to join us too!

What you can expect from Untold Italy Insiders


Private members only community

  • Discuss your trip planning and itinerary with Italy travel experts based in Italy, the US and Australia
  • Access to our Insiders team of experts and fellow travelers - ask all your questions and get authentic and experienced advice
  • Uncover secret wineries, unique experiences and the best places to eat in Italy
  • Weekly live chats with our experts on Italian travel, food and wine

Exclusive content and discounts

  • Monthly travel feature - detailed online travel guide and Q&A on destinations in Italy
  • Italian wine of the month including printable tasting notes, and where to experience at home or in Italy
  • Italian cooking class - a new dish each month with video and downloadable instructions
  • Member only discounts for some of our favorite travel and Italian product brands
  • Special guest presentations every 3 months on the most interesting sights and experiences in Italy

Direct access and support to help you plan your trip

  • Monthly Q&A sessions on Facebook live
  • Self-help knowledge base of trip planning resources
  • Library of downloadable checklists and cheatsheets to help you plan your trip

Want to relax in our online cafe in the piazza?

Meet your host



Katy first arrived in Italy over 20 years ago inspired by her studies and favorite books like A Room With a View. Her first taste of la dolce vita on the shores of Lake Garda sparked a series of adventures up and down the "boot" - from Venice to Sicily.


Even after over 30 trips to Italy, Katy still finds wonder and excitement in planning her travels. She loves to share her finds and experience with her listeners on the Untold Italy travel podcast and via her blogs Untold Italy and Untold Morsels.


Untold Italy Insiders is her project to bring the people, stories, food, wine, history and culture of Italy into the homes of people around the world knowing that this will enrich their travel experiences when they finally arrive in (or return to) bella Italia! 

"When you can't be in Italy, connect with your friends there"

Our Italy Insider Experts

Meet our friends who want to help you fall in love with all things Italian.. again and again!




Based in Le Marche, Italy, Giovanni brings you Italian wine briefings including must visit wineries and brands to try in Italy. He also recommends drops you can try at home.


Holly & Gianluca

Food and cooking

Direct from their garden on the gorgeous Capri, learn a fun Italian specialty each month. We are so excited to be a part of their journey building a garden above the Blue Grotto! 



Culture and history

Danielle is an art historian (ex NY Met Cloisters) who brings us intriguing tales from  Italy's historic sites including Pompeii and Europe's largest palace.

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What they're saying about Untold Italy

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$ 45 / USD Month
  • ✓ Private community of Italy lovers and experts
  • ✓ Exclusive monthly travel guides - printable document and recorded presentation
  • ✓ Exclusive monthly cooking class - printable recipe, video instruction and live chat to answer questions
  • ✓ Exclusive monthly wine briefing - printable wine guide including wineries to visit and how to taste at home
  • ✓ Exclusive monthly history and culture presentation on key sites in Italy
  • ✓ Monthly live Q&A sessions - we answer your questions about all things Italy!
  • ✓ Member only discounts and offers
  • ✓ Travel planning printables - intinerary ideas, checklists, cheat sheets
  • ✓ All content available on demand. Live sessions are recorded for future reference
  • ✓ Exclusive content value $350 per month, access to experts = priceless

Sample Schedule

Travel feature: Florence

An online travel guide including highlights and secrets of the Renaissance City, itinerary suggestions, where to stay, what to eat, arrivals information and more. Suitable for first timers and returning visitors

Wine of the month: Prosecco

Christmas and Prosecco go hand in glove. Download our printable guide to Italy's favorite sparkling wine plus suggestions of wineries to visit in Italy and brands to try at home

Cooking class: Seafood Salad

On demand video instructions and printable recipe card on how to make this festive dish. Plus a live Q&A session if you have any questions

Culture and history: Palace of Caserta

Discover Europe's largest palace, modeled on Versailles. Danielle, our art historian who reveals the stories and history behind this intriguing royal abode. 


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