Insiders guide to: EMILIA-ROMAGNA


Emilia-Romagna is where some of Italy's best loved food products are made and is often described as the country's food bowl. A wealthy region with thriving cities and pretty Medieval castle towns, it stretches from Apennine mountains in the west to the Adriatic Sea in the east


In this guide we share favorite places to visit specifying those with train stations for those who would like to get around without a car. It's worth noting that while the cities are well connected by train services, the smaller towns and villages require some extra effort if you're considering using public transport.


We've also found the top agriturismi and revealed the local dishes to try and where to try them. In the events section you'll discover local events by season - food festivals (sagre), historical re-enactments and more.

Katy Clarke

Katy Clarke

Untold Italy Insiders founder Katy has visited Italy over 30 times and loves sharing her travel finds, tips and advice with listeners and followers on her podcast and website.

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